Aprizal Arief

Aprizal Arief or “Ical” is a Freelance Videographer & Colorist based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
For the longest time, he has always had a camera around. Perhaps because of the inspiration that comes from his brother, who had initially explored photography. His journey started in 2015, where he began exploring his talent and exhibiting his masterpiece about the world surrounded by light.

A story has always been an essential element in his masterpiece. It is his way of presenting a colorful work in every video he created.

In 2017, Ical took his personal interest more professionally. He started his career as a Freelance Fashion, MV & Commercial Videographer in Bandar Lampung and Jakarta. Wanting to explore his potential further, he became the Head of Video Production at Helloworld Co, one of the wedding video production houses in Bandar Lampung, for 4 years.

While working as a videographer, his interest and passion for Color Grading. At the end of 2018, he decided to become a freelance Colorist in Bandar Lampung and Jakarta. After a year, he was offered to work as a Colorist in Visual Allign (Visuallign), one of the most prominent digital production houses in Bandar Lampung.

Establishing his professionalism further, he completed The User Certification of Official DaVinci Resolve 16: Color Correction Certified End User in 2020 and DaVinci Resolve 17: Color Grading Certification in 2021.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at University of Lampung.